WHY Choose Hyip Way ?

HYIP WAY script comes up with easy installation, customization. Moreover, flexible HYIP templates & themes allow you to easily change the design. High Yield Investment Programs are an opportunity through which an investor can expand internet business opportunities. HYIP WAY Script has a completely responsive layout. That means that this script will work on any device, such as smart phones, desktop computers, and laptops. Users will be able to experience a consistent experience no matter what device they use without the hassle of enabling mobile layout.


HYIP WAY Term & Conditions:-


1. TERM & CONDITIONS: Users Agreement Use of HYIP WAY service means that user accepts all the terms and conditions of this agreement.  HYIP WAY collects certain user identification information from each user who opens or maintains an account and creates first order via HYIP WAY.com website.

2. TERMS & SERVICES: You agree that you are at least 18 years of age and are sufficient of age in your country of residence to sign a legally binding contract and engage in Internet-related activities. We are providing only Hyip script website services. we are providing HYIP script website and domain, SSL only on rent/buy.

3. DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION: The all domain name will be registered on the name of hyip way. The domain name will not be registered on user's name.

4. RIGHT ON THE DOMAIN: User must agree with that Hyip way will be always the owner of the domain name. The domain properly will be rights on hyip way. The user has not right on the domain name.

5. FILES MANAGER/SOURCE CODE/CPANEL ACCESS: Users must be agreed before using our services that we are not giving this type of access. We are giving only USER SITE, ADMIN PANEL AND EMAIL  ACCOUNT ACCESS only.

6. CHANGES: HYIP WAY may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion. The parties to this agreement are HYIP WAY and the user. The user understands that the name, address, phone number, etc detail must be true and correct details belonging to the user. All users are solely responsible for offering valid and accurate information needed to complete the orders.  

7. ACCOUNT DELETE: HYIP WAY can delete user account anytime if we found no activity in user's account or suspicious activity.

8. HACKING: User must be agreed that we are not responsible in the case when users websites hacked. 

9. RISK OF LOSE THE WEBSITE/DOMAIN: User must be agreed that renewal of the website is not possible in the case of the expired website after the delay of 48 hours. The user must have to renewal in the 48 hours after the expired site/package to continues the site.

10. WEBSITE DELIVERED TIMINGS: We will deliver the website to customers in 1-72 hours. It may take extra time in the case of any type of technical problem to setup/installations the website like server down, domain or hosting problem etc.

11. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: We do not allow multiple accounts, we will found multiple accounts we can block/delete the account anytime with orders.

12. REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable.

13. UNIQUE DESIGN RE-SOLD: User must agree that user's unique design site will be re-sold to other customers if the user, not renewal the website before expiring subscription. 


13.1 On the re-selling website, all payments will be going to hyipway.com accounts.
13.2 reseller cannot edit the plan and price. 
13.3 Reseller cannot edit the website content.
13.4 Reseller will not get any website of diamond plus, ultimate, gold, and unique design. All website will be going to direct the customer. 
13.5 All withdrawal will be complete when reseller must have completed 5 websites. 
13.6 Reseller have to must pay the joining fee of $100.
13.7 We can delete the reseller account if we found any suspicion/unauthorized activity. 

15. WEBSITE SERVICES SUSPEND/DELETE/DEACTIVATE CHANGES: User must be agreed that, if we found any suspicious activity, fraud, scam, etc activity with domain and website then we can suspend, delete, deactivate, terminate the website and services and user account without no refund anytime without notifications. 

Thank you.

16. PLAN/PRICE/T&C OTHER CHANGES: User must be agreed with our changes anytime in plan or price, term and conditions etc. Hyip way can change the plan or price independently.

Thank you.